In addition to current topics in our posts we begin of a new arm of Everglades Ark. The Coastal Systems are a large portion of Florida. By State Florida has second longest of the ocean coastlines in the USA. It is remarkably diverse with the full gamut of wildlife of the animal, plant and protist Kingdoms. Observations range from macroscopic to microscopic, geologic to biologic and is as variable as the weather.

To satisfy the understanding of this system I have developed a new online, interactive, database supported by Epicollect5. The information may be found in cd files, still images, video clips and audio files. There are four portions in this database that include: beach geology findings, mollusk findings, bird findings and microscopic soil findings.This is publicly available for your use to download the comma delimited files for use in programs like Excel and Google maps. The address for this data site is

This is a sister of the other site that is part of Everglades Ark found at

These are important supplements to this site. They provide us with evidence used to support our monologues, dialogues and discussions. These are also part of our effort to support citizen scientists most of whom can enjoy the discoveries found in nature,form the basis for statistical analysis of findings and provide evidence to support theories. Sorting of these finds have beed previously discussed in earlier postings.

I highly encourage you to participate in this form of discovery. The observations are the most valuable part of the data .the greater number of observations results in a more reliable foundationv If you wish, please feel free use the data in your own projects and share the results with us. If you want to join our group by recording your findings please contact me at:

I will provide instruction and with your email address, allow permission to be a collector for the Coastal areas of SWFL

The data map below shows the interrogatories and responses of the database. They are in this downloadable PDF file. Your comments and recommendations are welcome,

Thank you for your continued interest in Everglades Arl. If you wish to be notified of future postings please enter your email and click on subscribe.

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