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Everglades Ark is a survey and catalogue of the animals and plants of southwest Florida. Like Noah’s Ark, this is a collection made for repurposing and distribution. Hence, it is both Science and Art. South West Florida (SWFL) is full of native, exotic and invasive species. At this time, we focus on the coastal wetlands of SW Florida. They are filled with beautiful exotic plants and animals all with a backdrop of sand, sea and sky. This site may also include comments on other parks, gardens and sanctuaries in SWFL such as the Edison Ford Winter Estates, the Naples Zoo, the Naples Botanical GardenCorkscrew Swamp SanctuaryCREW land and water trustShark Valley, Caloosa Shell Mound Key and Shangri La Springs.

This survey and catelog is an itemization of observations, GPS locations, photos, audio and video files, a recording and identification of plants and animals in their local environment. It is used in part to populate a database of the collection for survey, inventory management, education, understanding of environmental impact and cohabitation influences of species, as well as circadian and seasonal influences. It is supplemented by Field Notes and a library of high resolution photographs, video and audio clips which record the behavior of animals and plants.

The Data are publicly free to view and to download from our two database websites. The main page at Everglades Ark and the costal systems at Beaches of Southwest Florida. For a description of the data, please see our Data blog page on this site. Those individuals who are interested in participating as “citizen scientists” are encouraged to join by contacting  John@evergladesark.com.

Field Notes include methods, findings and conclusions that are integrated with, and supported by, the project of data collection. Information posted through this blog relates the remarkable scope of the project, the findings, a statistical analysis and the discovery and significance of the findings as a contribution to the understanding of life.

The Art of amazing high-resolution photography is a by-product of the data collection. All images on this site are original and are available for sale through this website. The monies raised here are used to continue the work of Everglades Ark project. For a list of the images, go to our blog Gallery page.

Education has become an increasing part of the work of Everglades Ark. Some of the posts are developed to inform and educate me in areas that were new or of which I was poorly informed. The Education section lists those postings which I believe may interest many.

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