John Knapp at work in the slot canyons of Arizona

The Author

John has been searching for answers to questions all of his life. For him there are no boxes. His early interests have been in engineering and mathematics and later shifted to biology and the health sciences. As a health care provider, entrepreneur,  researcher, inventor and educator he learned to ask the questions and to seek the answers. He has documented his observations and has critically examined his findings. He has looked at the past and present and tries to plan for the future with some level of confidence.

John finds everything intriguing and wonderfully interesting and he is here to share with you some of his explorations. The Everglades Ark is his ship and, like Noah, he is using it, intent on questioning, collecting, documenting and studying and redistributing. With you, he will ask the questions and repurpose that experience as knowledgable answers for fellow travelers who come on this journey. All aboard ?

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