All of our observations* are listed live in the Epicollect5 website. You are welcome to follow along with us as we discover species of plants during the survey. Go to:

 5Epicollect.net/Everglades Ark

Click on: Data  View data. Then scan the data vertically and horizontally. Click on the view eye image or on the bold underlined numbers to explore additional information.

If you see a blank for name or identity and have information on the specimen please email John at john@evergladesark.com and with cross checking we will update the space. Thank you for your contribution.

As we collect more data we will be able to posit answers to questions about relationships and interactions of species, see how seasons affect the growth, maturation, and reproduction; show the effects of diurnal changes; and answer many more as yet unknown questions.

Along with experts in the field, some of the identification of plants and animals is facilitated by the use of available online software including INaturalist, PlantNet and Google lens.

Keep reading the observation log and the Field Notes blog. It is a running commentary on the work and findings and the contributions of experts and experienced observers as we explore this fascinating area.  

This Figure* shows the top level for data entry in the Epicollect5 website. This is the list which is seen on the cellphone app. Most of these listings have drop-down menues of selected descriptors for ease of entry. There are sections for observer note entry.

FIg *

Fig. * of Observations

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