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This is a static, typical example map of the Wonder Garden area. The yellow markers show the boundry corners of the property line. The purple markers show the locations of the observations of the plants and animals as of this 02-19-21. This image is extracted from the Epicollect5 site where it is dynamically updated as observations are acquired. 

# 19, GPS=26.344153, -81.779162, 02192021

Observation #19 is the official GPS located survey pin. 

The chart seen below shows the 1800 sq km of South Western Florida. Items indicated in red are small preserves not found on all maps. It demonstrates the vast area of interest with diverse geologic features. I encourage all visitors and residents to consider going to these sites which are open to the public. They are great for looking at the plants and animals while hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling and diving or just sitting on a bench. Bring your lunch, camera and binoculars. Show us what you found and describe your observations.

Florida natural inventory; openstreetmap; USGS

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