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Peacock Feather Display

Here is a phenomenal presentation of bird feathers that are not from parrots but are none-the-less spectacular. The behavior accompanying the feathers includes raising the fan tail, strutting around the area, facing the female and then shaking the tail rhythmically to make the dots dance. #peacock #dancing fantail #eye spots #mating behavior #albino #

Pheasant Mating Feather Display

Here is some interesting behavior of a male Red Golden Ornamental Pheasant. It was mating season for him and he was interested in both female pheasants that were confined The use of feathers is emphasized in this male dominated exhibition. Apparently the female pheasant was unimpressed by the display while I watched for more than… Continue Reading →

Feathers of a Bird Together They Stick

Let’s look at one parrot feather. Since blue is my favorite color we will look at a blue feather. They are so colorful but what is their source of color? There are two possibilities. The color may be intrinsic, based on pigmentation, or it may be the result of structure causing refraction of light. Intrinsic… Continue Reading →

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