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African Wild Dogs – Hunting

Jan 15, at 3:00 PM

Antelope Species of Botswana and Kenya

Posts – Links

Jan 12 at 6:00 PM

African Great Migration and Its Significance


Lions in Africa – Sunrise Hunt for Cape Buffalo


Geography – Okavango Delta and Maasai Mara Savanna

African Birds, Aequorlitornithes

African Birds, Inopinaves


Monkey Business

Wild African Predators and Their Cousins In Florida

Giraffic Park

African Itinerary and Campsites

Wild Africa – A Trip In the Plan for 30 Years

Local Results of Hurricane Ian

Orchid Propagation by Division

Mushrooms Are Not Plants

We Are Going to Africa !

Tree Blooming Near the End of Summer

Mandarin Ducks and Chinese Costumes


To Tree or Not to Tree

Duck Duck

Orchid Season Ends With a Price to Pay

Blooming Trees of Late Spring

Plant Pest Control

Calling Birds by Clades

Armadillo in my Back Yard

Giraffes in SW Florida

Mammal Classification

House cats at the Naples Zoo

A Walk in the Butterfly Park

Butterfly Garden

Milkweed plants: benefit and risk to Monarchs

Monarch Butterflies and Parasitic OE

Storks and Spoons

Blooming Trees of Spring

Microscopy, A New Tool in Our Armament


Red Flowers at the Naples Botanical Garden

Survival of the Fittest Herd

Birds Grooming or Preening Behavior

Love Birds at Valentine’s Day

Mapping Data With Google. Awsome!

Half a Day at the Everglades National Park 

Harness the Power of Epicollect5 + Google Maps

Ode to Eko

Does Reef Green Fluorescence Point To the Cause of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease?

Hunting the Cause of Stony Coral Tissue Loss. Looking at the Reefs with Scientific Vigor (3)

Fluorescent Photos to Measure Reef Viability (2)

Death In Paradise

Trees of Christmas

Beauty and the Beast

These Islands are for the Birds

Sea Turtles Underwater


Turtle, Tortoise and Keystone Species

Dahlias in Florida? Nope. Dahlias in Fulda


Peacock Feather Display

Pheasant Mating Feather Display

Feathers of a Bird Together They Stick

Parrot Heads

Humans in Parrot Captivity



Orchid Varieties

Big birds of Two Feathers

Marine life could be like this in South West Florida, 3/3

Marine life could be like this in South West Florida, 2/3

Marine life could be like this in South West Florida, 1/3

Observation #38 Plants living on plants – The attachments

Plant Content of Observation #38

Reductive Observation of plants at site #38

Observation # 81

About GPS Distances

Observation # 78 and 79

Digital photo- microscopy

Birth of a Monarch

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