Artistic Statement


Flamingo Pair from Wonder Gardens Img_7782.jpg by Knapp

ARTISTIC STATEMENT. The world is filled with wonderful and fascinating things to see and hear. The Flamingo pair above are like science and art. They are perfectly matched and would be incomplete without one another. Science takes its inspiration from the environment. Artists also take their inspiration from what they see and interpret what they sense with their own perspectives. They express this in the form of painting, sculpting and music. The photographs in our Gallery are also an interpretation of what is seen. It is a combination of being at the right place and time, having the right media to capture the moment and manipulating that media for composition and color to express an idea for an emotive context.

There are two parts of this process. The first is field observation for subject, timing, location and composition at the moment with the wind, light and sounds that add to the senses. The second is controlling the media to bring to the image the feel of the moment as recalled from the collective memory of the observer’s field experience.

STATEMENT FOR THE VIEWER The intent of the art is to capture a feeling and to share that with others to enjoy every time the image is seen. It’s like owning a piece of the Everglades Ark. This is the reward for the effort in making the picture. That effort includes carrying the gear, walking through the forest or swamp, dealing with discomfort, being at the location at the right time and hoping for the plant or animal to be in just the right display. That’s followed by pouring through the images for the best exposure, spending hours manipulating the image with sophisticated computer software, and finally displaying it.

If you would like to have a copy of one of our photographs as a reward for a donation, you can select it by image number from blog pages or from our Gallery. All photographs are original and copyrighted.  Prints are available in a variety of sizes and media. They may be printed on paper, metal or acrylic. After confirmation of your selection we will have the print shipped directly to you from one of our suppliers. All images are printed on quality media we have tested for excellent representation to support our vision. 

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