Trees of Christmas

Did I tell you that I love Christmas trees? 

These are the flowering trees of Christmas that I found while bicycling in the surrounding area here in SW Florida. They are so remarkable. It is difficult to imaging the range of chroma and combinations of hues. Some of these are so spectacular that the photographs simply cannot capture the full essence of the visual impact. When I stopped to admire them, I was surprised to find the pleasant aroma that added to the sensory experience.

When we decorate our Christmas trees, they may be very beautiful and have a significant personal context, but these trees are naturally decorated for all to enjoy during this holiday season.

Orchid tree (Bauhinia purpurea)
Silk floss tree (red blossom)
Silk floss tree (white blossom)
Mexican Wild Olive tree
Pink Plumeria (Hawaiian frangipani)
African tulip tree (Spathodea campanulata)
Dwarf Powderpuff Bush (calliandra haematocephala)

I’m tempted to have a monthly blog showing the flowers of the month. I’m sure that you will want to see the Jacaranda and the Flamboyant Royal Poinciana Please comment and let me know what you think.

Many of these trees are originally derived from other continents. They are not classified as invasive or ecologically advantaged here in Florida. In some areas the streets are lined with them resulting in a magnificent display of brilliant colors. Some are rarely found and may be in private landscaped gardens. When I see them, it is like discovering a hidden treasure. 

On occasion we may visit some of these plants and discuss them in greater detail, but today this is just fun for the eyes.


Urban Tropicals

University of Florida Gardening Solutions

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2 thoughts on “Trees of Christmas

  1. If we are voting on favorites put me down for the Silk Floss and the Mexican Olive. Both are new to me and very pretty.
    I would enjoy seeing your flowers of the month.


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