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The Everglades Ark data base site at Epicollect5 needed an update of its classification of mammals under the listing of Animals. Here is the new listing as extracted from a variety of web available references. This is intended to simplify the gathering of information by reducing the need for enumeration of in-field choices while still providing an orderly database look-up. This will be especially helpful when comparing observations from diverse ecosystems including Florida, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, and other areas of the USA. The animals are listed by order with examples. This is not intended to be encyclopedic. It does, however, provide space for the observer to enter notes or comments such as genus and species. The example, order or both of the animal can be listed.

Just lying, watching the sunset over the ocean on the beach just in front of the palm trees. Check out the feet. What order is it?

Is this next mammal the same order as the animal shown above?

Standing on the Savana of the Massai Mara
Mammal Classification by Order 
Metatheria  marsupial – kangaroo, opossum 
Edentata armadillo, sloth, anteater
Carnivoraseal, bear, wolf, badger
Cetaciadolphin and whale
Artiodactylaeven-toed ungulate: goat, hippo, giraffe 
Tubuldentata aardvark
Insectivoramoles and shrew
Perissodactyla odd-toed ungulate: horse, rhino, tapir
Proboscidea elephant
Sirenia manatee 
Expanded but simplified categorization of Mammals

Answer to the above question: it is a Perissoxactyla (tapir) lying on the beach in the Osa peninsula park in south west Costa Rica facing the Pacific Ocean. If you said yes; sorry it is not the same order as the Elephant. It is not just the noses but also the feet.

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