House cats at the Naples Zoo

This zoo is not a cat house. It is a house with a cat collection. Here are a few photos of some of the species. I hope that you have an opportunity to visit and contribute to the work of the Naples Zoo.

African Serval (Leptailurus serval). In my opinion this is the most beautiful and agile of all of the cats at the Naples Zoo. It was shown at the demonstration theatre.
Cheetah. One of the pair in the featured photograph.
Two siblings of the three younger male lions in the lion area which at this time has three young males and an unrelated mated pair of mature lions.
The male lion. He really opened his eyes when the nearby male crocodile was bellowing a few meters away. That sure got my attention too.
Florida panther in captivity rehabilitating before release back to the wild.

This visit to the Naples Zoo was done in preparation for my trip to Africa later this summer. I anticipate the African photo safari will be a rewarding adventure without the obstructions. The greatest difficulty I encountered here were the bars and fencing that obstructed a clear view. All of the images required extensive editing with Photoshop to make the images publishable. The zoo makes an excellent effort to maintain security for the public and the animals. On the other hand the zoo provides a predictable access for all of us to enjoy. The Florida panther is shown to demonstrate the typical enclosure fencing. I included it to remind all that the fencing may be more for the protection of the animals than for the people. Please recall the tragic death of the Malaysian tiger, Eco, about which I previously posted at Ode to Eco.

When I return from Africa we can compare the animals and ecosystems of both locations.

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