Red Flowers at the Naples Botanical Garden

This visit to the Naples Botanical Garden is the first time for collecting observations of this very large and well organized attraction. There is such a diverse range of plants that it will take many visits to begin a true sense of the scope of this effort to preserve and perpetuate the collection. There are no captive animals in the garden. None-the-less here you will find a comprehensive array of eye catching plants.

Later we will explore in detail specific parts of the garden. There are numerous exotic, rare and endangered species growing there. This posting is just a sample of some eye candy emphasizing the red blooms seen on this three hour visit.

Rose of Venezuela, Browena, grandiceps
Red Passion flower vine, Passiflora racemosa,
Hawaiian Sunset vine, Pomoea beraviensis, Stictocardia beraviensis
Malibar chestnut, Pachira aquatica
Not a flower but a fruit of the Pandanus tree, a member of the screw pine tree family
Pink double hibiscus

Be sure to look at the Epicollect 5 web site showing more data and images of the observations from number 143 to 159. On the same site click on the map and you will see the concentration of the fourteen recorded observations on the Naples Botanical Garden.

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