Love Birds at Valentine’s Day

I can’t think of another way to celebrate this special time of the year than to have a display of Love Birds. These captive pets that have been rescued and are at the Wonder Garden in Bonita Springs fort all to enjoy. The rescue activity reflects several circumstances like incapacity of the owner to continue care of their pets because of age, illness or death. It may also reflect the nature of pets in general where the owner is no longer committed to the care of these creatures such as feeding, cleaning and playing. I find them fun to watch because they are so animated and colorful. I hope that you also enjoy them.

Fisher’s Love Bird showing off.
Pair of Love birds. They seem to enjoy each other’s company.
This mutual grooming is one of their frequent behaviors.
Red Face Love Bird

More captive small birds to come on future blog posting! They have me as a captive audience.

If you have a pet bird be sure to comment.

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