Mapping Data With Google. Awsome!

Everglades Ark now has an interactive map method based as described earlier in the post “Harnessing the Power of Epicollect and Google Maps”. This allows you to see the geographic interconnections of all of the observations as they are updated.

Link to the interactive map through this link: Everglades Ark Map Link

This is a simple illustration of a small portion of the area under observation. In this map the criteria selected are marked in colors. Red are animals; green are plants.

Observations are recorded in the data base. Criteria are then selected and filtered in Excel. The data are then added to the map. The updated map is posted for your review in the linked site. Using this method the maps will become increasingly sophisticated as observations are made and interest is developed.

Here is what you can see:

You will see maps as they are updated. You are encouraged to make comments or open a discussion or simply follow discussions that the author feels are relevant.

Here is what you can do:

Open the map and select the layers that you wish to correlate. If available, the map matching your criteria will then appear. You may request posting of specific criteria for mapping to meet a particular need. You may also go to the Epicollect5 data file directly and make your own map to match your own needs by following the guide already posted as mentioned above.

Click to Link to the interactive map at: Everglades Ark Map Link

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