If we explore birds of color in our view of brilliant chromatic displays then Rainbow Lorikeets are a must.

These friendly feathered friends are members of the same family as parrots and therefore have some of the same features. These include colorful, clever and communal. When we look at the feathers the same physiology and mechanics apply as we have seen in previous postings. Rainbow Macaw and Rainbow Lorikeets same color scheme but only peripherally related.I guess that birds of the rainbow don’t eat from the same bowel.

Is there any color in the rainbow thais not represented here ? The answer is yes! See the discussion on bird vision.
As you can see it is about 10 cm plus tail and has a full green Dorsal plumage. The underside is more colorful and quite polychromatic iridescent.
Here is a good example of typical highly social behavior where the birds congregate while roosting. The variations in the colors are within normal limits.

The rainbow Lorikeets are native to Australia. The males cannot be detected by humans without genetic testing or other more in evasive inspection. They have great human speech mimicing capabilities. They are usually kept as pets and as non-native species must beconfined to prevent predators and from escaping into the wild.

These guys are just fun to watch.

Now think about the feathered dinosaurs. Can you imagine that all of the bipedal Dinos had primitive feathers that were just as colorful as these birds of today.

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