Peacock Feather Display

Here is a phenomenal presentation of bird feathers that are not from parrots but are none-the-less spectacular. The behavior accompanying the feathers includes raising the fan tail, strutting around the area, facing the female and then shaking the tail rhythmically to make the dots dance.

This albino peacock freely ranges around the Wonder Gardens. His feather display is so dramatic against the black background. The white appearance does not seem to inhibit this fellow. He dances and displays his feathers just like his more colorful cousins.
This standard peacock free ranged about the Wonder Gardens property. The variegated spots in this fantail are eyes that flash with refracted iridescence. The Green perfectly matched the lawn colors making the blue features the dominant attraction. The four outermost “eyes” accentuate the perfect symmetry of the fan.

Check out the previous blog on blue feathers. The cause of blue color applies here too.

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  1. These are SPECTACULAR birds and this is a fabulous post. Thanks, John, for sharing them with us.


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