Pheasant Mating Feather Display

Here is some interesting behavior of a male Red Golden Ornamental Pheasant. It was mating season for him and he was interested in both female pheasants that were confined

Full view of the magnificent colors of the Red Golden pheasant strutting about his surroundings
Lateral view of the male pheasant with neck extended and collar feathers fully extended as he begins to pursue the female.
Portrait view of the male pheasant showing the collar display feathers at rest on both sides.
While chasing the female the male pheasant extends only one side of the collar feathers displaying them to the female

The use of feathers is emphasized in this male dominated exhibition. Apparently the female pheasant was unimpressed by the display while I watched for more than 30 minutes. After watching them chasing all about the 20X40 arboretum we all were tired and settled down to do other things.

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