Parrot Heads

No. No. No. This is not about Jimmy Buffet music fans. It really is about parrot profile pictures. While wandering about the Everglades Garden here in Bonita Springs Florida I had the opportunity to visit with my friends the parrots. In an omage to them here is a collection of some of their portraits. The birds seem to want to have their photos made. I think that the colors are breathtaking. The combinations of chroma, hue and value are so bold and vivid. The juxtaposition of these colors seems so uninhibited. The mixed patterns of texture with color is unexpected yet perfectly appropriate. We will explore them in greater detail later. Now, I’m simply allowing them to show off in their portraits.

Admittedly two of these are cacatoo but all are approximately the same size. Additionally, I have not included the parakeets or lorikeets. However, I think that this small sample is a good day’s feast for the eyes. Enjoy!

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