Humans in Parrot Captivity

Interesting title?

If you have a human living with you, you will understand the title. We parrots, living with the humans, are very clever. We have prehensile claws, can use tools, use logic to extend our adaptation to captivity and are able to communicate including talking in human languages. Humans make ideal pets for the parrots. Humans have prehensile hands, are very clever, can use tools, use logic to extend their adaptation to their environment and can talk. This sounds like a good match. Sometimes the human logic is a bit strange and human’s ability to speak in parrot is poor. Fortunately they can be trained! But they make up their shortcommings in other ways like following commands and bringing food.

Have a look at Floyd, a green Amazon parrot and Nick his pet grey haired human. They have been together for about 40 years. Floyd formerly resided in Michigan and recently moved to California. Since he has forgotten how to fly, he took an airplane to get to his new home. Floyd shares the free range of the house with his humans, eats dinner at the family dining table, and has a girlfriend with whom he currently cohabitates. He eats his own special diet prepared by his private chef (Nick). He visits his doctor on a regular basis to stay in tip-top health. Floyd is very sociable and engages his pet (Nick) in endless hours of conversation where they discuss Michigan State University sports. To entertain Nick, Floyd spontaneously breaks into the MSU song which Nick finds immensely amusing.

Floyd and his pet human, Nick. Note the happy smile on Nick’s face.
Floyd is an early riser. He patiently paces around his wire security cage vocalizing loudly with screeching until his human fixes his breakfast of toast. To keep the human focused, he has to share his breakfast with the human. He patiently keeps Nick’s attention from wandering by sitting on his shoulders or head.
Humans are really fussy about house keeping and table manners. They are constantly cleaning the table, cage, floor, etc. It is unbelievable.
Climbing on John’s leg to get a better view is discouraged because he is taking the picture.
Just hanging out with the people.

Some people are just party animals. It is great to join in the fun!

From a human perspective, a remarkable relationship can be forged with these animals and all of the varieties of this species. In some instances captive parrots are “rescued”. They may have been injured, disabled or simply abandoned. Illegal capture and importation of them to be sold to collectors should be severely punished. Release of non-native species is also illegal and alternative options are available. The best place for these animals is in their wild environments where their diversity and habitats are protected. I highly recommend that you go to the shelters where you can see and visit with them as well as support their maintenance. The Wonder Gardens and the Naples Zoo are two great places for this.

In subsequent postings we will see more varieties and colors of these birds.

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