Marine life could be like this in South West Florida, 2/3

This post is a continuation of the trilogy of my observations of the reef life of Belizean portion of the Caribbean barrier reef off the atolls of Turneffe. This selection of the wildlife was photographed during twilight dives. Photos were made with white light flash exposure.

This Squid was flashing colors. It is about 5cm in length. Watch out for the ink when they feel threatened!
A nice crab. The carapace diameter was about 20 cm.
There were hundreds of lobsters 20 years ago. Now I saw only two. They are seasonal. This one is about 1 kilo.
Hermit crab. The den opening is about 1.5 cm in diameter.

Twilight diving is an opportunity to see two types of marine life. The daylight creatures are looking for a place to hide and rest. The night time creatures are emerging from their hiding places among the coral reef crevices and begin their foraging and hunting. It is a very interesting time to see both behaviors.

The next blog includes reef life and was photographed using special techniques in total dark of night.

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